Yr 5 Constable Care Excursion

Jesse Doney
Bayswater Primary School

On Wednesday 16th September, the Year 5's of Bayswater Primary School attended a Constable Care excursion in Maylands. Students, teachers and parent helpers caught public transport to and from the venue and students enjoyed a full day's worth of activities, to develop their knowledge about road safety and etiquette. The day was absolutely brilliant for all involved. Selected students then were given the opportunity to talk about their experiences at the assembly that Friday, highlighting the importance of traveling safely to school. Definitely keen to do this again next year!

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James (Your Move)

What a great day out - the photos say it all! Excellent that everyone travelled out there on public transport. You have earned 50 points for the excursion, plus a bonus 10 for sharing the details of this and of your post-event assembly.

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