This week, we conducted our first hands up survey for 2022.

Looking from November 2021, there has been an increase of students cycling to school and a decrease of students driving. I wonder if this is due to the new scooter racks we had installed or the cooler March weather.

However, when you compare the pair from this time last year, more students are coming by car and less actively getting to school.

I wonder if we are actually making a difference?

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Natasha (Your Move)

Thank you for sharing your hands up survey data with us. It's great to see that a third of your student population walk to school and that there's an increase in cycling. At the start of the year, many schools are finding that there are slight decreases in active travel. One you get into the swing of things and have some activities under your belt, we're sure the needle will move. You're definitely making an impact 😊 You have earned 10 points for your reflections and received an automatic 50 points for your hands up survey.

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Hi Nicole, it is quite normal to see some ups and downs in hands-up survey results, particularly with COVID restrictions having an impact at schools across Perth this term. Faced with these challenges it is a great achievement to maintain the school’s level of active travel at a fairly steady rate. Remember 36% is much higher than the state average! Sometimes messaging can get forgotten over the summer holidays and it takes a bit of time for old habits to kick back in. I am sure with the events

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