Caladenia's Newsletter Term 3

Nicolle Wall

Welcome done Caladenia! We have worked towards the 600 points and have now been able to order the scooter rack, which will be placed in the bike rack area. This was possible due to the Caladenia families coming on board with our active walk and ride to school days.

Let’s talk about it: How were you active over the holidays? Did you use public transport?

Over the holidays, Mrs Wall caught the bus into the city. She then walked down to the jetty and caught the ferry across to the zoo where she met one of the locals. Mrs Wall attended some Professional Learning for the Your Move program with Millennium Kids to assist with planning ideas for our school.

This term, we have some more exciting things, so keep your eyes peeled.

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Niccole - excellent to hear that your scooter racks are on their way (make sure you give us an update when they go in!). You have earned 22 points for sharing this good news along with your PD news in the Term 3 newsletter. You also got another 10 points for giving us all the article text. Have a great start to the term! 😁

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