Chatting with the P&C

Nicolle Wall
Caladenia Primary School

On Monday 26th July, the P&C of Caladenia Primary School met to hold a long awaited meeting. I was able to 'zoom' in from the comfort of my own home.

As the 'Your Move' Champion, I feel that it is important to be apart of the P&C meetings and share what the school is doing with the parents and wider community. During this meeting, I was able to them the P&C know about the upcoming events for Term 3.

From previous meetings, I had received feedback about our 'Walk to School' day, where the teachers were handing out stickers to those that had walked, rode or scootered to school. We had missed a section of the school and so I was then able to adjust what we were doing for the next event.

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Natasha (Your Move)

How great is Zoom? Makes meeting so much easier! You have earned 10 your well-written story and I added 5 points for including some of your lessons learnt. Thank you for sharing Nicolle 😀

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