Newsletter insert - Issue 2 term 4

Anne Driscoll
Caladenia Primary School

This insert was included in the November newsletter Issue 2, Term 4

Caladenia PS completed their Hands Up survey to find out how the students travelled to school on Thursday 5th November. Out of the 811 students surveyed most students arrived by car.

Our goal for 2021 is to increase the number of students actively getting to school by walking or riding their scooter or bike. This would decrease the amount of cars travelling around our school during drop off and pick up times.

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James (Your Move)

Excellent that you have shared the survey results with the school community. Whilst you have already completed the activity "Write an article for your school newsletter" for Term 4 (and thus can't get extra points for that), I can give you 10 points for all the extra details you have shared.

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Thank you for the feedback James. So I only need to share that we have put an article into the newsletter once per term? Is that correct?

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James (Your Move)

Kind of, but not exactly! We'd love for you to shared them all - and you will get points for every story you post on a newsletter, especially if you include the newsletter text or screenshot etc. It is just that we only reward the "activity" of posting a newsletter item once per month. So in short, please share as many newsletter stories as you like - it is just that the first one in each term will get more points than the others.

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