Have you ever conducted a parent survey at your school? I would be interested to hear how you went.

The Your Move team decided in our meeting last year that the first thing we would do is to conduct a Your Move Parent survey in Term 1 2022 using the template provided.

The Student Executive went around to each class and promoted the survey, encouraging families to return their form. We a had 50% response across the school.

However, the next problem was how do we record what has been sent in? We ended up using WUFOO to generate the survey BUT then needed to input all of the data. This took a long time. Though, we were able to get a report back for each section.

If we were to conduct another parent survey, we would send out the link for an online survey.

In our last newsletter, we then answered some of the parents concerns that were raised in the survey such as: out of bounds students, parking issues, drivers, shade for paths and different finishing times for students.

How have you conducted your parent survey?

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Natasha (Your Move)

Thank you for sharing your process with us Nicolle, it seems you have been busy 😊 A 50% return rate is good and I like your idea of creating a digital form, some schools use Google Forms. You have earned 60 points for conducting a parent survey and I added 20 points for sharing your details with us. Well done 😃

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