Our very first Hands Up Survey

Jason Crofts
Caversham Primary School

Our team got together to plan our steps to complete the very first hands up survey at Cavy.

We read through the materials from Your Move website and decided on our group roles. Mr Crofts then spoke to the staff at a meeting letting them know that the Your Move Team would be coming to visit the classrooms.

Next we had to practice the survey. We practiced coming into a pretend classroom and asking the teacher if it was a good time to do the survey. After a few laughs and giggles we were ready to do it for real.

We decided that the classes would be interested in finding out the results so we set up a time after collecting the data to look at it. We decided to look for patterns in the data and then look for an area that we could target to make a change in. To share the data we decided to save the data in a place all teachers could show their students. We were a bit shocked that 90% of our students came to school by car!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Jason - a welcome to Your Move Schools! I'm James and I review all stories posted to help you with any queries and to ensure that you don't miss out on any points. Thanks for outlining your HUS process in detail - it is always interesting to hear how each school does it. It is particularly nice that the student team analysed the data and shared it with all staff. Writing an engaging story like this is always rewarded - today it earned you 10 bonus points! I have also linked the story to the "Write first story" activity which gives you 12 points. When you uploaded your survey results you also automatically earned 50 points - not a bad start at all! Have a great last week of school and see you soon.

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