Sue Ashworth

Last year, we started up Choosedays and Footprint Fridays. Each week, students who used any form of active transport to get to school came to our student team members to get their star cards hole punched. When the student reached ten stars, they were able to choose a prize from the box. At the end of the year, all of the cards went into a draw to win a brand new scooter. Pepper was our scooter winner and several other students won smaller prizes.

When other students saw the prizes on offer at the end of the year and what they had to do to each week to go in the draw, many were enthusiastically ready to join in this year. We have our posters up advertising our days, student reps ready to start hole punching and teachers ready to assist. We are looking forward to another great year of Choosedays and Footprint Fridays. This year we are going to monitor how many students we have who are regularly using active transport and getting their cards stamped so we can look more closely at how we can increase our participation rates.

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Hi Sue, I can not love CHOOSEDAYS and FOOTPRINT Fridays more!!!! What great names for your regular active travel days. 😀 (90 points) I have also added 15 points for this update noting how you are going to tweak your process to understand better any behaviour change, in your context. 🙌🤩

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Thank you so much, Johanna. We'll keep you updated on how we go. 😀

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