The student team came up with the idea to reward students who wear their helmets to school when they ride their bike, scooter or skateboard. One of the students, Gabrielle, designed the cards that would be attached to random helmets on bikes or attached to school bags across the school. The students who found the card on their helmet were able to take their card to the office and swap it for a prize. We did it on different days each week to avoid students only bringing their helmets on "Helmet Heroes" reward day. It has been a popular initiative and we plan to increase the number of rewards this year.

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I love this Sue, I would like to use this idea of the 'Helmet Heros' cards as something new instead of just raffle tickets! Thank you for sharing this idea in your story. Regards Sandy (SPS).

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What a superb little innovation Gabrielle! 🌈👏15 points have been added for this tweak and 15 points for this story, with terrific student content attached! 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️

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Thank you, Sandy. The cards are fun for the kids to find and the students enjoyed coming up with a design themselves. Enjoy doing it with your kids.

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