Walk Safely to School Day was another successful event for us. The P&C organised a delicious breakfast buffet using a grant from the City of Rockingham. Students who walked to school were able to enjoy something for breakfast. We had 239 students use active transport on this day as recorded by one of our Year 5 classes. They incorporated this activity into their Maths lessons which was fantastic. We also ran a raffle for all students who used active transport to get to school. The winners were given a prize selected from a backpack, bike lock, bike bell, water bottle or a pen. Winners were announced over the PA to promote the event and their names listed in the newsletter.

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James (Your Move)

It seems like your WS2SD event was a real team success - congratulations. I have relinked your post to the WS2SD activity which gave you 40 points. I also gave you 15 points for running the data collection as a class activity, plus 5 points for sharing the good news that 239 students participated. There was a final bonus of 10 points for taking the time to give all the other details that allow your story to really portray the extent of your day.

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