Walk to School Safely Day Breakfast

Sue Ashworth

On Friday, 19th May, we held a breakfast for students as part of Walk Safely to School Day. The Rockingham City Council provided funding for this event and Baker's Delight Waikiki gave us discounted items as part of the breakfast menu. We had 150 bacon and cheese rolls that disappeared very quickly along with cereals, yoghurt, juice, milk and fresh fruit.

Over 120 students attended the breakfast with about half of them walking or riding to school. Many parents joined their children and a lovely morning was had by all as the rain stayed away.

Mrs De Jager took some great photos for us to keep as memories. They are on our school website too.

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The families who attended had lots of fun! They got some exercise on the way to school, enjoyed a delicious breakfast and shared some great company too.

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Great post, Sue! Glad to hear that it went off without a hitch :)

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