Bike to Work Breakfast

Dan West
City of Bayswater

The City held a bike to work breakfast this morning to promote riding to work as part of our Fit4Life programme. We had riders come from as far away as Sorrento and Greenmount, as well as some first time riders which was fantastic to see. We adopted a buddy/team approach this time round and one group were so keen they made the most of the great shared paths and Bayswater's riverside location and did a quick 'lap' around the river before breakfast.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Dan, Those smiles say it all hey? Ride2Work and start the day happier. You have earned 40 activity points for hosting a breakfast event and some bonus points for incorporating the buddy aspect and rolling it into your already existing Fit4Life program. Fingers crossed your new riders are inspired to do it again!

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