City of Melville Hires 3 electric bikes for 6 days

Leon Ebbelaar
City of Melville

In March 2018 the City of Melville (COM) hired 3 electric bikes from Spinway WA.

The trial was arranged so that staff could consider how useful they would be as fleet bikes and also so that staff could see whether they might also be an option for staff commuting.

One-third of COM staff live within the City and so many people drive 5 kms or less to work each day.

The Trial with Spinway WA was simple. They delivered the 3 electric bikes and explained how to use them to interested staff. The bikes are simple and easy to use and were used for our GLOW Ride that night.

The bikes allow you to maintain a speed of 30kms/hr and proved ideal to help check the 7 km GLOW Ride circuit for obstacles before the ride, for leading the ride and then later to collect any rubbish from the event.

These electric bikes were great for site inspections, taking a similar amount of time as using the work car while being far more enjoyable. However it takes a concerted effort to encourage staff who hadn't been on a bike for some years to use them. We hope to hire the bikes for longer periods in the future to help staff to get familiar with them.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Leon, what a great idea. I've given you 50 activity points for providing staff with some practical bike education on how to commute to work by electric point and some bonus points for innovation. Great use of the Spinway electric bikes for staff to try and to use for purposes. Sounded like they really came in handy for the GLOW Ride. If you end up hiring them for a longer period be sure to let us know.

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