Let's GLOW Riding - Melville

Leon Ebbelaar
City of Melville

There are many types of bike events you can run and each of them attracts a different type of rider.

Running a GLOW bike ride was lots of fun and attracted mainly families, especially with kids in the 6-12 age category. Organising a ride meant that the whole family had bikes that were functional, they had found a new place to ride and all the bikes had lights......plenty of lights! (Being visible while riding was one of the key messages we were sending, in addition to the fact that riding is fun.

Everything is definately more fun at night time and families were creative in how they dressed up their bikes and local schools helped getting students excited about the ride.

In the first year we provided sandwiches but in the second year riders were happy with boxes of fruit, fruit juice and water.

Minimising the need for traffic management meant that the route stuck to the river foreshore path however many people were unaware of the shared path under Mt Henry bridge and also how great the views are.

The GLOW ride is definately something that the riders will remember for some time.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Leon, you earned 40 activity points for getting involved in Bike Week. You also earned 20 bonus points for great reflection on why you ran the event and what you were trying to achieve. We also give out bonus points for attendance numbers and engagement - so next time if you let us know how many attended you can earn even more points.

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