Bike Maintenance Workshop

Kieran Birney
City of Rockingham

The City of Rockingham in collaboration with the Fathering Project, facilitated a bike maintenance workshop at East Waikiki Primary School.

Students were invited to bring along their bikes after school to take part in the workshop. Many students collected their bikes from home and rode back into school with their parents for the workshop.

Students and parents worked together to fix any issues they may have had to ensure they can ride safely to school. People on Bicycles were in attendance to facilitate the session and ask any questions participants may have had.

There were roughly 30 students in attendance with their parents and everyone enjoyed a BBQ following the workshop.

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James (Your Move)

Hey Kieran! Great to see you back on Your Move 😃. It is super to know that Rockingham is still helping schools to increase active travel. As Waikiki is not a member of YM (and thus hasn't posted on this themselves) I can give you the 50 points for funding this workshop, plus 10 for all the details. Great to know that 30 students and their families were involved - with the BBQ it sounds like it was also a great catalyst for an informal get-together for the school community.

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