City of Swan staff travel survey update (1)

Alannah Furniss
City of Swan

We completed the survey which measured our emissions related to staff commuting to work, as part of the City’s commitment to reducing our carbon emissions. Below are some of our findings.

100 staff completed the survey, and out of the 100 staff, most had a fortnightly travel pattern of coming to work 9 days a week.

On average, staff drove 19.68km from their home to their workplace on way.

The most common mode of transport was a car, with many carpooling with colleagues, friends, partner and children. Public transport and staff using more than one mode of transport was the second most common mode of transport, with many riding a bike, including an e-bike to and from work at some point on their journey.

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James (Your Move)

Great stuff Alannah 🙂. Getting 100 staff to return the survey is an excellent outcome. Great to hear that bikes and PT are there in the mix. Are many combining bikes with the train? I know you are a hard working bunch out there at Swan, but working 9 days a week is real dedication 😉! You have earned 50 points for your survey and 10 for sharing these findings.

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