Ride 2 Work day staff breakfast 2023

Alannah Furniss
City of Swan

The staff Ride2Work Day Breakfast last week was a hit with 20 staff participating.

We had a selection of delicious breakfast foods (bacon and egg sandwiches, yogurt, fruit and muffins), as well as the City of Swan bike blender for banana and strawberry smoothies.

Even Stephen Cain, Chief Executive Officer hopped on the bike blender and made a delicious smoothie!

People on Bicycles were kept busy servicing bikes for over 8 people and all around there were conversations about cycling.

Ride2Work encourages Australians to commute by bike and helps workplaces make it easier for workers to ride and Ride2Work Day is a celebration of riding. October is also Bike Month, Western Australia’s annual celebration of bike riding to promote and encourage bike riding for transport, fun and a healthier lifestyle.

We look forward to celebrating City of Swan staff who cycle and encouraging those who have interest next year!

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James (Your Move)

It looks like NR2WD went off with a bang at City of Swan - thanks for sharing Alannah 😃. You have earned 40 points for your event, 50 for the bike maintenance session and 15 points for all the story details. I'm glad to see CEO Stephen Cain setting the pace as a biking role model!

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Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust

Looks like a brilliant event and I aways love to see the bike blenders! And a CEO getting involved especially - nice work!!

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