WA Bike Month

Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

It's only me right now, but once staff know about the challenge I hope to get big participation. I have added additional spot prizes using my Your Move Points in the Rewards Shop. Let's see if Curtin can achieve a high participation rate!

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James (Your Move)

Well you have to start somewhere! I reckon you might already have more than 1/4000 - so please let us know how the numbers go. How are you spreading the word to staff? Good idea to have some spot prizes of your own too. You received 40 points for getting a team together (even if a virtual team at time of writing!)

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Thats a great tip - might have to share that one and suggest it to other workplaces! While there is still a good chance of everyone winning a WA Bike Month Challenge prize (including a $1,000 bike shop voucher, breakfast for winning teams, and a bunch of random prizes ($100 red balloon vouchers), the chances of winning a workplace-only prize is even higher. The $50 Rebel sport or The Bicycle Entrepreneur vouchers for only 50 points in the Your Move Store look like a good option!

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Kylie (Your Move)

Nothing like an incentive to help pull a team together. We have also added 'Get Involved in Bike Month' to our activity list and it is worth 40 Your Move points.

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