Your Move Crosswalk Education Visit

Kirrily Atkins
Eden Hill Primary School

This week, the Your Move Team visited the Pre Primary classes to give them a demonstration of how to sensibly and responsibly use the school's crosswalk.

The Your Move Team collaborated with the Pre Primary teachers to organise a suitable time to visit. We introduced ourselves and explained why it is important to use the school crosswalk safely.

Next we demonstrated how to use the crosswalk safely before the Pre Primaries had a go. Because we wanted to give them the best experience possible, we had some of the Pre Primaries using the bikes as cars.

We used the proper crosswalk flags and a whistle to make sure they used the crosswalk appropriately, following the correct procedure.

Now the Pre Primaries have learnt how to safely cross the road. It was lots of fun for us and them!

Written by the Eden Hill Primary School Your Move Team

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James (Your Move)

What a fun and very important lesson the YM team have helped deliver! You have all earned 25 points for this road safety lesson plus 15 points for sharing (from a student perspective) exactly how it worked. Well done everyone 😊.

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