Bike and Scooter Racks

Abbi Kerimofski

Harrisdale Primary School is a local intake school, meaning that the greater majority of students live within walking distance. The need for bike and scooter racks is necessary to ensure that all students feel that their equipment will be safe whilst they are at school.

Students have the option of three locations where they can access bike and scooter racks. These three locations have been built to accommodate for our growing student population.

As parking is a reoccuring issue due to the school’s location, providing students with the opportunity to make their way to school either on foot, bike or by scooter ensures that students can maintain a healthy wellbeing and their parents are not stuck in traffic each morning and afternoon.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Abbi - thanks for your comments on the bike/scooter parking arrangements at Harrisdale PS. It seems like you have a great setup there, and that it is being well used. As there was no YM activity associated with this particular story I have removed the link to "Complete a simple activity". Although you don't get any YM activity points this time we are always interested in comments and ideas, so you still get the 4 points for posting a story plus the 6 points for the photos.

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