National Walk to School Day (1)

Abbi Kerimofski
Harrisdale Primary School

We recently celebrated National Walk to School Day for 2023! This was a fantastic event, it was great to see so many of our 1200 students actively making their way to school. We were lucky enough to receive a donation of fresh fruit from our after school care provider and the local Woolworths. Students loved receiving a piece of fruit on arrival to school and a sticker or temporary tattoo for their efforts. Thank you to Your Move for allowing us to use our points in previous years to stock up on Walk to School Day stickers!

We completed a Hands Up Survey on the same day as Walk to School Day which was a great success. We saw a 109% increase in walking since March 2023 and a 42% decrease in driving since March 2023. We hope that with the warmer weather, students and families will be more inclined to actively make their way to and from school throughout the rest of Term 4.

Some of our amazing staff led walking school buses to school on the morning of the event. We are incredibly grateful to have such dedicated staff, who arrived to school early and assisted our younger cohorts in getting to school safely.

We would like to thank everyone who made this event possible!

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James (Your Move)

Great to see Term 4 firing up 🔥 at Harrisdale, Abbi - 109% increase in walking for your event is brilliant! Lovely too, to hear all the support your staff gave for the event. Your Walk2School event has earned you 40 points, plus 25 for the special WSBs on the day. You also earned 10 points for your story and results details. As the event obviously had a big impact on active travel on the day, you may like to consider running another Hands Up Survey on a "normal" day to get a clearer idea on how active travel levels have changed over the year. See you soon!

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