Your Move is on our Website

Abbi Kerimofski

We believe it is important to promote our participation in Your Move across all of our communication channels including our website. Your Move provided us with communications pack which has been an integral tool in our promotion of the initiative. We were able to use their carefully curated text to bring our collaboration with Your Move to life via our website for community members to engage in. This is just the first step, we will be using the communications pack across all of our channels throughout the year. Our next story will detail our promotion of Your Move in our Seesaw Weekly Wrap.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for letting us know how you are using the Comms Pack this term - that has earned you 22 points. Remember for next time that if you include a screen shot of the content on your site you automatically earn 3 points for the image (up to 5 inmages)!

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