Encouraging families to actively make their way to our Eduganza!

Abbi Kerimofski
Harrisdale Primary School

In September, we are holding our annual Harrisdale Primary School Eduganza event! This is an evening event where parents and family members are invited to visit our school. They are given the opportunity to have a look in their child's classroom and chat to teachers. The evening is also full of fun activities such as raffles, student performances, Scholastic Book Fair and food trucks!

With over 1200 students at Harrisdale Primary School, this is a huge event which means parking is at a minimum. A team of staff members have been assigned to encourage families to actively make their way to the event instead of bringing their car. The team have been developing a Sustainability Footprint Plan to encourage as much hype around walking to the event as possible. It will be great to see their plan in fruition at not only this event, but many other events in the future.

At Harrisdale Primary School, we are lucky in the fact that the greater majority of students who attend our school are within walking distance, making it and easy decision to actively make their way to the Eduganza.

We can't wait for our Eduganza event and to update Your Move on how the Sustainability Footprint Plan works out on the evening.

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Hi Natasha! As our event is still a few weeks away we will be creating a social media campaign to promote active travel to the Eduganza. The team looking after active travel to the event have also been working on some signage that will be displayed in the days leading up to the event. Our Student Councillors will also be adding a small spiel into their daily PA announcements to encourage students to walk to the event. Thanks so much for your comment!

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