Harrisdale Headlines Promoting Healthy Wellbeing

Abbi Kerimofski

Harrisdale Primary School has gone digital and no longer has a printed newsletter. As an Apple Digital School, we have access to a wide range of programs such as Keynote and iMovie. These excellent programs were the foundation for Harrisdale Headlines, a digital newsletter!

Harrisdale Headlines is sent out to parents fortnightly and has a range of important information. The latest episode of Harrisdale Headlines showed students discussing why they enjoy walking to school and the positive impact it has on their learning throughout the day.

As Harrisdale Primary School is a local intake school the greater majority of our students live within walking distance. This presents students with the perfect opportunity to walk to school instead of coming by car. Upper school students are able to lead by example and through portraying the positive impacts of walking to school, junior school students can see just how rewarding it is!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Abbi - that's a really exciting step forward in promoting YM. Unfortunately I can't access the video - but we'll look into that and hopefully sort it out for you. Your video newsletter has earned you 22 points, plus the 10 points you got for the video upload. Did you know that you can get points for each term that you promote YM through your newsletter? I can't wait until I can actually view it!

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James (Your Move)

Great video! It is really interesting how often kids say they like walking/cycling to school because they can do it with their friends - and it really comes through in your video how important the social aspect of active travel is.

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