Back to Work BINGO!

Sandy Duxbury
Heart Foundation WA

We have a newly refurbished office and are excited to be back into the office working in new and flexible ways for 2021. To encourage staff to build on their active travel habits and the new approach to working in and out of the office, the Heart Foundation Your Move team launched the "Back to work BINGO".

Recently back from maternity leave, Lisa Rooke "Thanks for nudging me back on my bike to enjoy a gorgeous ride home past the traffic jam :)"

In a Heart Foundation survey of more than 7,000 Australian adults, two in three (65%) said they know that exercise can lower their risk of heart disease, the nation’s single leading cause of death.

Yet concerningly, two-thirds of these people also said that they do not meet Australian physical activity guidelines (30 minutes of moderate physical activity five or more days a week).

The Heart Foundation has today launched a program to motivate more people to take up regular walking, as new research reveals Australians’ alarmingly high complacency about physical activity and heart health.

Back to Work Bingo encourages us to merge the habit of being active on the weekend into our working week. Although it is hard to break old habits during COVID-19 lockdown, this activity gives us incentive to break old habits. From 01 April staff will try to integrate more active travel into their week by completing the activities on the attached Bingo board. For each activity completed, they check off a heart – each heart is worth one point, and they collect an additional five points for every box they complete.

Staff are supported to walk, cycle and take public transport to and from work and to meetings by:

  • Providing pool Smart Riders for staff
  • End of trip facilities with secure bike parking, lockers, and showers
  • Flexible start times to support active travel and avoid peak travel times.
  • Flexible work policy supports working remotely to avoid unnecessary trips.

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James (Your Move)

Great to hear from you Sandy - welcome back to YM for 2021! Thanks for sharing these 2 initiatives. I have just signed up for a walking plan! I like the Bingo idea too - can you email me a copy of the board so I can add it to your story? You have earned 50 points for your Bingo (Active Travel Challenge) and 10 points for sharing so many details. You may get some more points once I see how the Personal Walking Plans work. See you soon!

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