Be Active Wednesday

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Honeywood Primary School uses "Connect" to Provide School Information to Parents.

A message was sent home via Connect to promote this Wednesday's "Be Active Day". Students who ride their bikes or scooters to school or walk will be greeted at the school gates by a student councillor to give them a sticker.

If their parents have also ridden a bike or scooter to school or walked with their children, two stickers will be given to the student.

The message sent home was also used as a way to promote "Your Move". The program was explained and parents were reminded of what the school achieved in 2018 by being part of the program.

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James (Your Move)

This extra info on your regular active travel day, Be Active Wednesday, has earned you 10 points (the points for having the regular day were given in your story on 24th October). It's a nice idea to also give a sticker if a parent joins them!

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