Bike Safety Checks (1)

Danielle Howton

We were super lucky to receive a 2022 Super Boost Grant from "Your Move" for CycleSense to conduct free comprehensive bike safety checks on over 30 of our students' bikes.

CycleSense spent the whole day at Honeywood Primary School checking bikes and completing repairs such as... replacing brake inner cables- adjusting gears and brakes- inflating tyres- tightening seats, wheels, pedals and handlebars. - lubricating and adjusting chain tensions- refitting forks that have been that have been fitted incorrectly etc.

Every bike that received the safety check also received a mechanical checklist with everything recorded that was done and additional information if required.

The students even helped out during the breaks with the bike safety checks and asked many inquisitive questions.

It was a fantastic day and there were some very happy students at the end of the day.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Danielle - thanks for sharing these shots and details on how your Super Boost funded repair session went. We accidentally gave you the 40 points for this in your previous story on the topic (breaking our own rule on rewarding activities after they have occurred 😮!). So today you have earned 10 points for your extra details on how it all turned out. It is great to hear that the students were given the opportunity to help out too 😊.

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