Bike Safety in Early Childhood

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Students in Prep-Primary and Kindy have access to bicycles and scooters in the playground each day , and the use of a dedicated bicycle track.

The rules for using the track are introduced at the start of the year and reinforced with posters on the sheds where the bikes and scooters are stored. The track is marked with arrows so students travel in only one direction. The tacks have marked crossings for students, and all students are encouraged to use these, and taught to stop and look before crossing. Speed bumps on the tracks just before the crossing serve as a reminder to riders to slow down.

These rules are reinforced by duty teachers and by the students themselves, particularly the Pre-primary students who are encouraged to lead by example in the presence of the younger Kindergarten students.

The school values: Be your best by being kind, safe, respectful and responsible, are perfect for framing the rules, expectations and recognising positive behaviours in this part of the Early Childhood playground.

The track is also an ideal way of allowing students to gain confidence, and develop road and ride safety awareness in readiness for the Wheels on Wednesday initiative in the main playground which they can be part of when they move to year 1.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for outlining how your bike/scooter track works and for posting the images - I really like this infrastructure and your daily use of it. I imagine for a lot of kids it really increases their opportunity to ride independently in a safe space. You received 60 points for the activity plus a bonus 10 for the helpful details of how you manage it.

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