Exploring the City and Using Public Transport

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

As our senior students prepare to venture to high school and out into the wider community staff have been teaching the students about public transport and how to use it.

During an excursion into Perth the students looked at how to read a public transport map of the city and where to access the information.

They also focussed on how to utilise public transport and community facilities safely.

As a group they also discussed and participated in how to cross the road safely at traffic lights.

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James (Your Move)

A great practical extension to the classroom introduction they had to Transperth! Did they also travel into the city by Transperth or by another means?

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Sorry I accidentally reported the comment I was suppose to add a comment. My apologies. No the students were transported by bus

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James (Your Move)

No worries Danielle, I've done that too before 😆. Thanks for the update.

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