Maggie Dent Visit to Honeywood PS

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Our Principal Maria Cook had previously done a pod cast with Maggie Dent on our No Homework Policy.

Maggie Dent then asked to visit our school with Today Tonight to do a story on our No Homework Policy.

When Maggie and the Today Tonight Team arrived it was second break and our school were participating in "Wheels on Wednesday".

They were so impressed with the amount of student activity happening around the school that Maggie posted a story on her Facebook page about our no homework policy and also how impressed she was to see students riding their bikes, scooters and roller skates around the playground.

Currently there have been over a 1000 comments on the article with many schools inquiring about "Wheels on Wednesday".

The story on Today Tonight has been broadcast yet but I will upload when it is.

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James (Your Move)

What an exciting occasion! I'm happy to hear Wheels on Wednesday continues to be so popular. I have linked the story to the "Regular AT day promotion" activity which has given you 90 points, plus you got a bonus 10 points for the interesting details. Please do give us an update when the Today Tonight story goes on air.

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