New Scooter Racks for the ECE Playground

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

The ECE parents and staff had requested an area to store the students bikes and scooters.

The Your Move committee listened to the request and worked towards achieving this goal.

The bike racks were previously obtained from another school that no longer required them, so the Your Move committee made it a priority to use points to purchase a scooter rack.

When there were enough points the scooter rack was purchased and installed through Your Move.

The students were very excited in seeing the scooter racks being installed on the last day of term 1, and can't wait to use them when they return from holidays.

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James (Your Move)

Great to see the latest edition to your ECE active travel parking area Danielle! On top of the 80 points you received for the bike parking upgrade last month, you have just received another 20 points for this new addition plus 10 points for letting us know the details of how it came about. Enjoy the rest of your break and see you in Term 2 😀.

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