Your Move Grant and Rewards from 2020

Danielle Howton

Honeywood Primary School was extremely excited to receive our trikes and road signs for the ECE students.

The trikes and road signs were from a grant that we were able to access through Your Move in 2020.

The ECE staff and students were over the moon with the additional trikes that the students could use on our bike track in the ECE playground. This allowed for more students to ride at the same time and consequently also helped with playground issues of not being able to have a trike to ride during breaks.

We also used our points to purchase 1/2 day relief to be used to work with our "Your Move" student team, Hi Viz vests for our student leaders to wear in the playground and also when awarding stickers on walk/ ride to school day, books on road safety for our library and pens and wattle bottles to be given out for prizes on walk / ride to school day.

As you can imagine we are extremely appreciative of Your Move to provide us with all of these additional resources- thank you!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Danielle - it is wonderful to see your trike fleet growing and more students benefiting from it. You have earned 40 points for sharing how Honeywood benefitted from your Connecting School grant. Make sure you let us know how your T2 team meeting goes so that you can get points for that too! 😊

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