2021 - looking back...looking forward

Rick Eikelboom
John Calvin School - Albany

The 2021 school year has started with a bang, a great start to the year.

The first thing we did in connection with “Your Move” was a review of 2020 and what worked and what didn’t. A true reflection was that we didn’t do anywhere what we had intended to do, and the reasons were varied. But we did complete several hands on surveys, completed a Bike Ed course with the year 6’s and completed a ride or two around the neighbourhood.

It was with great thanks that we could apply for a grant, and we decided to select the grant that filled up the schools kitty with small bike nick-knacks to be used as prizes or gifts to students who need some motivation or support. We again thank Passmore Cycles for the package, a package well and truly above the value of the grant. Below is a picture of the promotional pack that includes, gloves, hand grips, bike computers, lights and tool kits, with the new ‘Let’s Move’ committee.

So starting 2021 we have decided to set up a ‘Let’s Move’ committee. This committee consists of 3 year 6 students and 3 year 7 students, on top of the 2 teachers. We have had an initial meeting with them and introduced the program and shared some ideas of what we hope to achieve this year.

The first official task they had was conduct the February Hands Up survey, which has been submitted. The result was a bit startling in that although the day was a fine day, most of the student body came by bus or car. With this information the new committee knew they had a good starting point.

What are the plans for the year. Well the first goal is to promote healthier ways to get to school. The first big event will be the cycle to school day, where we will organise a breakfast to riders, scooters, walkers and their families.

As teachers we want to let the committee take ownership of this program, with teacher direction. So we as teachers hope the committee will come up and implement ideas. Already there is a suggestion for a park and walk activity, hopefully on a weekly basis, and some competitions. We look forward to a great year promoting this fantastic program.

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James (Your Move)

That is a great shot of the new team, Rick! From what you have written they are just as enthusiastic as they appear in the photo. You have earned 60 points for getting your team together for their first meeting, 15 points for your annual reflection activity and a bonus 10 for giving us such a great story. Was the "grant" you mention the Connecting Schools Grant, or did you use your YM points to "purchase" the rewards? I look forward to hearing how your plans come to fruition!

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