Bike month activities leading to great heights

Rick Eikelboom
John Calvin School - Albany

It was in term 3 when our school here in Albany received news that a child in our school had cancer and therefore needed to move with his family to Perth. Treatment was started and continues. A group of students decided to build on our bike riding skills and organise a fund-raising ride in order to raise money for the family and Ronald McDonald house.

We are still in the middle of planning, but the event date is booked in, the 11th and 12th November. Although this falls outside the Bike Month, training has started in earnest and last Saturday, 13 eager students, together with 4 helpers, set out for a training ride.

We were blessed with a beautiful morning and met at an early time of 6:30am and headed out towards a popular scenic spot, Steep Point. Not having been there for some time the big hill we needed to climb up was indeed a challenge, but the rewards were spectacular.

Most importantly the bike skills were on show and it’s great to see that the training they received has made them safe riders. Downhill on loose gravel and corrugations was a bit nervy but we all enjoyed the day out, returning home at 9:00am.

The planned trip in November will be a ride along the Munda Biddy track from Albany to Denmark, a real challenge, but nothing compared with the challenge the student has fighting cancer.

We look forward to more training rides in the coming weeks.

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