Completing a bike education course

Rick Eikelboom

It all began in term 2 with a class of 21 students undertaking a bike education course. We were following a "Let's Ride" program, a program set up to teach students the basics to riding safely in both safe and protected environments as well as exposure to riding on quiet suburban roads.

The course started with the compulsory bike safety check, followed by a demonstration of how to correctly put a helmet on. Surprisingly many adjustment were needed to be made, however I feel that the activity taught the students that wearing a helmet safely is important to their safety. the following weeks were used to teach skills like bike balance, bike control, completing u-turns, correct hand signals, looking out for traffic, correct positioning on the road etc. Of note was the special needs student who was given a differentiated teaching program, where she learnt skills according to her ability. Seeing her learn braking, balancing a bike and riding in a straight line was special to witness.

These lessons culminated to an excursion where we cycled our way around the suburbs of Albany , and had lunch at a local park. We all enjoyed a sunny and educational day out where the skills we were taught were put on display. We were able to cycle some quiet roads as well as some tracks. Lots of exploring!

Since the 'Let's Ride' program was delivered, several students and now allowed to cycle to school on a regular basis with their siblings and friends. The bike rack is regulary filled with bikes and as the warmer months come we expect to see more and more.

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James (Your Move)

That's a lovely update Rick - thanks so much. Your "Let's Ride" program seems a marvellous success. The photos really bring the story to life too - what a beautiful environment you all have to ride in. You received 80 points for the activity plus a bonus 10 for making it such a lovely read.

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It looks like the weather was on your side Rick. Great result to hear the bike ed program has enabled students to cycle to school!

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