End of year 'Hands up Survey' report

Rick Eikelboom
John Calvin School - Albany

The end of 2020 has come quickly. The hands up survey has come up with some real interesting results, and results that on first glance were a little disappointing. Have the interruptions of the year had an impact on our methods we travel to and from school? Yes the figures show in increase in cycling and walking but could these have been higher?

The survey was conducted on a day where classes were not in regular classes and thus had about 20 less surveyed students. Who these students were would be interesting to find out, as the results could be a lot different. However, these results are what we have and we can see that there is an increase in cycling by 31%, reflecting an increase of 4 students. An 88% increase in walking looks impressive but that only related to 2 extra students walked to school. Being a rural country school this is not surprising, as not too many students live within walking distance.

More students traveled by car, but being the time of the year and a day not too friendly for cycling, this was expected.

The year comes to an end and many of the promotional events we have had in the past were cancelled and therefore cycling to school wasn’t promoted as it could have been. We hope to rectify this in 2021. We have made plans for improvements and so we look forward to the promotion of cycling, scooting and walking to school as a great option for the students.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Rick - yes, many schools have found 2020 to be a bit of a strange one. Great to hear that you plan to pick things up again next year. Did you know that you can earn 25 points for sharing a 'pledge' for 2021? Details here: https://www.yourmove.org.au/your-move-schools-team/ym-awards-photo-pledge-comp-winner/ For now you earned 50 points automatically when you uploaded your HUS results and I have just given you a bonus 10 for your indepth reflection on your results.

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