Event Success! Dress up your bike day.

Rick Eikelboom
John Calvin School - Albany

Following on from our damp day yesterday, where the year six class conducted a end of year survey, the dampness continued with several good downpours (most welcome here in Albany as it's been a very dry winter and farmers need rain). However the enthusiasm wasn't dampened as many excited students arrived at school with their bikes decorated.

Many students arrived, even some with their parents... and about 30 students had their bike decorated.

At recess we had a class by class procession and the teachers judged a winner from each class. HARD, very hard to judge and this resulted in several classes having joint winners. Unfortunately there were some sad students, a reflection of the hard work they all put into decorating their bikes.

The winners were paraded and an overall winner was chosen by loudest cheer from the entire primary school student body. After this the winners were able to choose a prize from merchandise received from Your Move. A big thank you to this great initiative to encourage Active travel to school.

Dress up your bike day was a success, however as this was the first time the students had seen an activity like this, next years dress up you bike day will be huge! so the students told me :)

We look forward to a bigger and better year in 2019 with even more active initiatives planned. Wishing everyone a safe, active and healthy holiday period.

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James (Your Move)

What a great day at John Calvin! Your Dress Up Bike event was scored as part of your story published on 21 Nov, but today's story has received 10 bonus points for the depth of details.

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