Extra Teacher support and a busy term 4 to look forward to.

Rick Eikelboom
John Calvin School - Albany

There are some exciting times ahead at our school with another teacher coming on board to support the current teachers in encouraging students to be active in the way they travel to school. We live in a beautiful country city with a good mix of quiet roads mixed with well-constructed bike paths and footpaths. Extra teacher and parent support is always encouraging and welcomed to run successful programs.

Following an invitation by the City of Albany, A teacher registered for a 'Cycling Australia teacher education course'. She completed pre readings and extensive workbook activities before the session, pumped up the tyres on her bike, and went to local centre where the course was delivered.

The day was intensive with a mixture of lectures/discussions and hands on activities. They worked hard and the group enjoyed a fun filled and educative day. The result was that now the school has an additional teacher with level 1 cycle coaching qualifications.

The timing is perfect as we are looking forward to a very busy 4th term. The year sixes will be showing off their cycling skills as we will be cycling around Rottnest Island during our annual school camp week. As spring shows its beauty and the sun gives more warmth, it will encourage students to cycle and walk to school during the term.

Just recently, the school received a large stash of cycling accessories, thanks to Your Move, that will be used as gifts and encouragements for the students who put in good efforts in being active. A tally sheet will be filled in daily of those in our class who cycle , scoot or walk to school. A competition will also be run for the furthest distance cycled and walked.

Another competition will be run in conjunction with a fundraising activity for the Royal Flying Doctors. The students will be asked to dress up their bike in the theme of the Royal flying doctors. We look forward to organising and running the events and equally look forward to sharing our successes.

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James (Your Move)

Great update Rick! I look forward to seeing your plans come together - make sure you report back on how the bike distance comp goes and the dress up bike event. For now you received 25 points for attending the Cycling Australia PD. Reading between the lines, with all those great plans you must have had a team meeting so you got 10 points for that plus another 10 points for sharing all the details.

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