Ride to School 2021

Renske Veltkamp

Cycle to School day 2021! We were looking forward to this day for some time and the Your Moves committee helped promote the day by sharing information about the day at our weekly assembly. We made and put up posters around the school and put a notice in the weekly school newsletter. We invited parents to ride or walk with their children to join us for the breakfast.

The morning arrived and there were many people riding to school. On Friday March 19th nearly everyone in the school either biked, walked, scootered or went on a skateboard on their way to school.

The people who lived to far away from the school, drove to a spot that was closer and still rode. There was even one person who came to school on rollerblades.

We ate a delicious breakfast of fruit, bacon and eggs, and pikelets that some of the high school students made for us. We had to pay for our food and we made $136 for the Living Waters Christian School in Lae, PNG.

After the breakfast we did a hands up survey and gave 1 sheet of stickers to every class. The survey showed that about 120 people rode their bike. Another 12 walked and the survey showed that 78% of the students rode, skated or walked to school. WOW!

Because of Covid last year we could not do it, so for some of the younger students who had never done it before it was even more exciting for them.

The Your Moves Committee.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Renske! Thanks for your exposé on R2SD at John Calvin. Not only lots of fun, but some impressive results too - 78% active travel - yes, wow! Great to hear that the younger kids particularly appreciated the day. You have earned 40 points for your event, 25 points for including a park and ride promotion & an additional 20 "outstanding" points for all your promotion of the day. You also got a bonus 20 points for posting such an engaging story & sharing the participation rate. See you in Term 2!

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