On Tuesday (20.2.24) we had a 2 hour incursion where People on Bicycles came in to teach students how to service their bicycles.

We had 10 students attend the session and they serviced their own bikes. We had some experts amongst those students or so they thought.... Every one of the students walked away having learnt something which was amazing.

A massive thank you to Thorsten and Kenny who were super knowledgable and helpful for the students to learn from. They covered the basics and then personally helped individuals with slightly bigger or other issues. They helped the students fix their own bikes and used it all as a learning experience. Sometimes gather all the students around to explain an issue and demonstrate how to fix it. They also encouraged the students to help each other once they knew how to do it.

We highly recommend this service they provide it was a fantastic session.

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James (Your Move)

It sounds like this is excellent timing to get everything shipshape (bikeshape? 😉) before your Kalamunda excursion! You have earned 50 points for these sessions and 10 for the details of how it all went. Great to hear that there was peer learning happening too!

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Good to hear from you Chloe! Yes PoB are great. We have had the same experience with their assistance with bike maintenance. So good to hear how your students took on board learning "new stuff" & how the experts turned each situation into a positive learning experience.

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