"A domino effect or chain reaction is the cumulative effect produced when one event sets off a chain of similar events."Wikipedia

Publicity about our new pedestrian crossing has made road safety during school pick up and drop off a hot topic at our recent full staff meeting. During General Business of the meeting attended by 100 + staff remotely a lively discussion occurred about traffic congestion and there was a united call to take action to improve transport logistics.

It was wonderful to see such passion for the issue demonstrated by various staff members, so as I did my little happy dance on the inside, I posted the link to our school's Your Move home page in the chat. Our Dean, Nathan Curnow, brought the comments and link in the chat to the attention of staff, increasing awareness of the Your Move team's vision.

Principal, Travis Vladich, commented that it was a complex issue and committed college resources to improving school drop off and pick up. I was asked to organise a meeting so that the conversation could be continued. As a result, our planned World Bicycle Day activities have turned into a Transport Hackathon (agenda attached) where students and staff will come together to 'think tank' solutions and pitch these to the Executive team.

I am so excited to build on this momentum, and with relief for the YM teachers covered by our Your Move points, I am confident that some positive actions will be implemented as a result.

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James (Your Move)

I share your excitement Donna 😁! Make sure you give us an update after your Transport Hackathon to earn points for having a planning session. Today you have earned 20 points for your reflections on this staff meeting.

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