Your Move Planning Day Reflection & Update

Chloe Mallen

Below is what the students had to say about the planning day.

Sofia (yr10) It was great working with students from other year levels and seeing their opinions and ideas to help make our school more open to active transport. A lot of the ideas were really creative and were amazing ideas to incorporate into our school which I can’t wait to see. Normally I would not have had the chance to work with these people and I’m so glad I did as I have now made more friends within the group who I would not have known otherwise.

Cassandra (yr7) I was taking the car until recently, when, following, the transport hackathon, I went home and discussed the idea that I could start taking the bus or even ride a bike. That night me and my dad went on the internet and figured out which bus and the route. Now I catch the bus everyday.

An update. Our Friday meeting this week saw The Year 7 coordinator visit us to discuss our plans for year 6 transition. Lots of ideas were put forward. Mrs K has told us which ones she would like us to develop and is happy for us to be involved in the parent information nights this year. Whoo hoo go team!!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing these student perspectives on the planning session. Although we previously gave you points for the pitch, we haven't get given you points for team meetings this term - so now you have another 10 points for that, plus 15 for sharing with us what Sophia and Cassandra thought about the session. It is lovely to hear that the ideas are flowing and that Cassandra has already swapped over to the bus!

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