Can you crack the clues in the Family Bike Scavenger Hunt?

Jenny Beer
Lathlain Primary School

Dust off your bike, spruce up your scooters or dig out the dog lead! Lathlain Primary School P&C's inaugural Family Scavenger Hunt is coming up in a few weeks time.

A scavenger hunt you may ask? Yes! We are sending our Lathlain Primary School families on a cycling adventure to explore what Lathlain has to offer. Cycling, scooting, walking, running, or being pulled by your pet dog Rex are all ways teams can participate.

Teams will receive a clue pack, map and safety regulations for riding through our suburb, leading them on an amazing race to crack the ultimate code of the day. Teams will be awarded points and all participants go into the running to win a bike by decorating their helmet.

We look forward to reporting back on the event and sharing photos of the day with you.

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James (Your Move)

I'll definitely be tuning in mid-September to hear and see how this all went - it looks like so much fun! We can only give you points for an activity once it has actually taken place, but clearly you have had more than one planning session to get to this point, so I have linked your story to the activity "Schedule a regular planning session" which gives you 15 points, plus a bonus 10 for making it a good read with lots of details.

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