Committee collaboration helps find new home for bike racks

Jenny Beer
Lathlain Primary School

Lathlain Primary's newly established Your Move Committee's first collaboration was to help find a new home to keep students' bikes and scooters while they were at school.

In our first meeting, team members Ian, Jenny, Luana, David and Tina listened carefully when Dorte Hansen, a representative from Your Move, introduced the program.

Our initial discussions centred on finding a new place to store students' bikes. The bike racks were kept on the junior students' grassed area and took up valuable play space. They were also in the open and subject to the elements.

The new undercover position of the bike racks will ensure that students’ bikes and scooters are not left out in the weather.

School gardener, Des erected a colorbond fence to ensure greater security and less visibility of the bikes from the senior oval and surrounding streets.

We would like to thank Bunnings Belmont for donating 20 high quality bike locks to make the students’ bikes were more secure.

The committee's next meeting will discuss Lathlain Primary's upcoming events, limiting our environmental footprint, and traffic management around the school.

Our next step is to implement the custom survey our team has created.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Jenny - thanks for sharing your team meeting. Are the members - Ian, Jenny, Luana, David and Tina - students or adults? Great to hear of your problem identification and solutions. You correctly linked the story to the relevant YM activity and earned 25 points for that. I have also given you 10 points for sharing all the details of your meeting. Let us know how your next meeting goes (you can earn 10 points each term for sharing details of your committee meetings).

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