With only a handful of students attending our Pre Primary class in person and the remainder of students watching and learning eagerly from home it was an appropriate time to encourage some young minds to maybe suggest to walk to school instead of driving the car when they return to school, through the picture book story "Ten tiny things" by Meg McFinlay and Kylie Hughes - Odgers.

This fabulous resource was recommended by the Your Move Program for our little learners. It is available to be purchased with some reward points.

"Ten tiny things" was read to the students both attending school in person and to the remote students learning from home. The children were asked to think about how they travelled to school? The students were then asked that even though most of the children aren't travelling to school at the moment they can get out and about outside to get some exercise with their families. The children were then asked if they could find ten tiny things, just like in the story. Then when they return to school and they have a go at walking instead of driving in the car....maybe they can keep an eye open for ten tiny things.

The children attending school loved getting moving out around the school grounds exploring and finding ten tiny things. They said they were going to ask their parents if they could walk to and from school next time insead of driving in the "shiny, green, clean machine".

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Belinda glad you found the fabulous TTTs! I have used it many times with all age groups, including the challenge: can you find MORE than TTTs? We have also then categorised our treasures. So many "things" to come from this book. Truly a treasure!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Belinda - it sounds like you are the latest fan of this fantastic book! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and for sharing your lesson too. You have earned 40 points for running this classroom activity plus a bonus 10 for sharing so many details. And an extra 'well done' for delivering it face-to-face and online.

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