Last Friday on April 19 2024, Mosman Park PS held its inaugural Bike Bus Day. Following on from the concept implemented at Lathlain PS, the school P&C coordinated the Bike Bus Day on Friday.

Armed with IPads, the students from the Your Move team recorded students who either rode on bikes or scooters to school.

Overall there were 61 student riders and plenty of parents who rode in each bus. The Bike Bus will be held every Friday when the whether is fine to do so.

Midway through the term, riders will have the opportunity to have their name randomly selected to win some great prizes. There will also be prizes for the students who have the highest number of recorded rides to school. Each student who rides to school will also earn House points for their school House.

Well done to the Mosman Park PS P&C.

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Hi Ian - great to hear about your regular and popular BIKEBUS! 90 points have been awarded for this regular active travel day and 50 for your rewards program, plus 10 for this story update! Long may you roll! 🛴🚲😎🙌⭐

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