March 22 2024 Ride to School Day

Ian Bersan

On March 22 2024 Mosman Park PS held its Ride 2 School day with great success. Over 162 students and many parents were recorded as riding to school either on bikes or scooters. It was a great effort by the the Mosman Park PS P&C to co-ordinate this amazing event. The Town of Mosman Park kindly donated four prizes to the riders whose names were randomly selected.

This event has now sparked interest as there now appears to be more students riding to school by the number of bikes in the bike racks at school.

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Hi Ian - fantastic participation for you NR2SD event and even better flow on affect with more daily riders! Well done team. 💙🌞💛 You have been awarded 40 points for the AT event and 15 for this update! 💛🚲💙

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James (Your Move)

Great to see Mosman Park back with Your Move too! Nice work everyone 😀.

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