Ride 2 School 2018

Alison Robb
Mosman Park Primary School

Earlier in the year students at Mosman Park PS eagerly participated in a Ride 2 School day. Supported by the P&C and by school staff, students and parents were encouraged to ditch the car and instead make their way to school by bike or scooter. Almost half of the school's 400 students rode their bikes or scooters and were welcomed with fresh fruit donated by the local Coles, as well as 'valet' bike parking organised by the older students.

The students were asked to identify hazards on their way to school and this information was shared with the local council. In order to make the journey safer the School has applied for a Children's Crossing on one of the busiest streets. We expect that to be installed early next year. This will make parents and students feel more confident about riding their bikes.

The Year 6 school leaders have also proposed to fund-raise, in partnership with the P&C, to install safe storage areas and bike racks around the school.

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James (Your Move)

Wow - your second story is full of lots of hidden treasures! Your R2SD event earned you 40 points, plus a bonus 20 for the outstanding effort of all the added extras like the breakfast, coffee cart and vallet parking. Your great idea of incorporating a reporting task for the kids to alert the LGA to any hazards gained you another 30 points. Applying for the grant was worth 40 points and getting a story in the local press got you yet another 40 points.

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James (Your Move)

You packed so many things into that story I ran out of room in the comment box! You also got a bonus 5 points for reporting the number of students cycling. That was a really good catch up on your activities to date and it's great to see you have already got some plans in place for 2019 - see you then!

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