Traffic Warden Review (1)

Alison Robb

During Term 2, our school - Mosman Park Primary, made an online assembly with the topic of how we are doing with our crosswalk. This year lots of things have changed due to COVID-19. We've had to adapt with the social distancing rules and we have not been able to have assemblies with our whole school. So, we decided to do online or 'virtual' assemblies. This was our first time making an online assembly and it turned out to be a fun experience for everyone.

We've had our Traffic Warden for about a year now and he's had a very positive effect on our school. For the virtual assembly we asked Graham (our Traffic Warden) to speak with the Head Girl and Head Boy about how the students are doing with the crosswalk. They also asked Graham for the areas we needed to improve on. This interview was recorded and shown to all of the students during the online assembly. It turned out to be amazing and reminded us how lucky we are to have a crosswalk attendant, especially one as fabulous as Graham.

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James (Your Move)

Excellent to hear how Mosman Park has adapted to the changing conditions and still managed to include some great active travel content in your assembly in term 2. Your interview with Graham the traffic warden has earned you 30 points, plus a bonus 10 for making it a great read.

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