Bike racks overflowing on World Bike Day

Neil Brodie

Mount Lawley Primary School's P&C Traffic Group were keen to continue to build momentum after our successful bike education sessions and Ride2School events in term 1, so what better way than encouraging everyone to ride to school on World Bike Day on June 3?

Using our popular Facebook we reminded everyone the night before to get ready and let them know it would be a great weather day for riding!

On the day, another Facebook post reminder to get on ya bike and get to school, as well as let everyone know the many benefits of bike riding.

So what happened? The community response was amazing, so much so that bikes were pouring out of our parking area. Time to get more bike racks!!

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James (Your Move)

Neil, is seems your P&C Traffic Group really nailed the promotion of your World Bike Day event - sharing those details of your Facebook promotions has earned you 10 bonus points on top of the 40 points you received for the event. Overflowing bike parking is one of those 'problems' a lot of schools would like to have - well done!

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David (Your Move)

Great idea, using the parent network on social media to get the message out to the 'decision makers' in the household!

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